Neighborhood Mission

Neighborhood Mission incudes the outreach activities focused on the neighborhoods surrounding our parishes.



The goal of Neighborhood Mission is to serve the local community through ministry outreach.

Project Design:

The mission encourages the parishes of the Diocese to work in collaboration with local churches, agencies, and institutions to effectively respond to the local needs and to witness Christ in the local neighborhoods.


Urban Mission Trip: Neighborhood Mission annually coordinates an Urban Mission trip to foster the Mar Thoma Church’s missional presence and impact at the local parish level, highlighting the need to view the local community as a vital mission field. Urban Mission trip are arranged in partnership with mission organizations located in various urban centers. Participants in this mission trip come from different parishes of the Diocese and participate in many activities that bring awareness to the root causes of violence, poverty, and income inequality, inaccessibility to quality education, homelessness, and injustice in the urban cities of the United States.

Your Involvement:

  • Form a mission committee at the parish level.
  • Coordinate with organizations and other parishes to participate in local missions.


Neighborhood Mission Subcommittee:

Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel (Convener)

Rev. Alex Kolath

Rev. Biju P. Simon

Ms. Zenia George

Mr. Adam T. Mathew

Ms. Annie Verghese

Mr. Jerry Joseph