Native American Mission

Native American Mission is focused on meeting various needs of Native American communities in Oklahoma, Alabama, Navajoland, and Louisiana by providing spiritual resources and opportunities to nurture faith.



Native American Mission began in 2002 as a response to help Native American communities. Youths and families used to find time during the summer to involve themselves in mission work among the Native Americans.


The aim of the Native American Mission is:

  • To foster the spiritual and holistic growth of Native American communities.
  • To deepen Christian faith and fellowship by organizing camps, youth conferences, Bible studies, and VBS.
  • To provide support for medical camps, team building sessions, and building/renovation projects.
  • To support the academic and professional pursuits of students through scholarships and leadership training.
  • To provide youths and the families opportunity for direct involvement in the mission.


Native Americans, who are indigenous people who have lived in the Americas for thousands of years. They belong to over 500 different tribes, each with distinct culture, language, and traditions. Many of these tribe members struggle with poverty, health issues, alcoholism, unemployment, and other challenges such as lack of leadership and resources. Only 20% of the total population is affiliated with any Christian church. Of these, only 25% of the churches are led by the Native American leaders

Mission Work and Activities:

Our mission work focuses on the Choctaw, Houma, and Navajo Tribes located in Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, and Navajoland (includes parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah). Our mission work is conducted in partnership with Choctaw Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma, Aldersgate Methodist Church in Alabama, and the Episcopal Church in Navajoland.

The mission organizes seasonal camps, youth conferences, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School (VBS), medical clinics, leadership training for future church leaders, team building sessions, community carnivals, basketball tournaments, and building and renovation projects. Academic scholarships are also provided each year to deserving students who are pursuing higher education in various fields of study. Volunteers from various parts of the Diocese engage in the mission by demonstrating God’s love in action through direct involvement as Christian witnesses.

Your Participation:

  • Pray for the mission.
  • Be a volunteer.
  • Donate towards scholarships for the students and for mission programs and activities.


Native American Mission Subcommittee:

Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel (Convener)

Rev. Shibi M. Abraham

Mrs. Nirmala Abraham

Dr. Suresh Mathews

Ms. Sheeba Mathew

Mr. Jacob Idichandy

Mr. Shaji S. Ramapuram