India Mission

India Mission serves to connect the members of the Diocese to the mission fields of the Mar Thoma Church in India.



To create mission enthusiasm in the members of the church by helping them to have firsthand experience of the mission work of the Mar Thoma Church in India.

Mission Trips:

The subcommittee annually organizes visits to various mission fields in India for a period of ten days. The details of the visits are announced in the parishes to invite volunteers. A part of the expense is shared by the Mission Board to reduce the financial burden on those who would like to volunteer.

The Benefit:

The participants get a chance to experience life in villages in India, to participate in the worship and Holy Communion services of local Christian communities, to closely observe the life of the evangelists, understand the method of mission works, experience the changes in the lives of the people as a result of the mission, and understand the challenges in the Indian villages. The mission exposure will help participants to have a more comprehensive view about the life and mission of the church.

Your Participation:

  • Volunteer to take part in a mission trip.
  • Sponsor a volunteer partially or fully.


India Mission Subcommittee:

Mrs. Thankam Vinu George (Convener)

Mrs. Valsamma Mathew

Dr. Varghese Manaloor